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Where are you located and are you available for travel for portrait sessions and events?


Keli Wakeley Photography is based out of Newberry, Florida. I am available for travel for portrait sessions, horse shows and other event coverage in North, Central and South Florida in addition to out of state locations. Travel fees based on current mileage rate/travel expenses and the number of sessions booked in the area or at the farm requesting services.

How do I prepare my horse for my portrait session?


I recommend bathing and clipping (if you choose to clip) your horse on the morning of your session, or the day before, if you're able to keep them in a stall overnight. Exercising your equine prior to the session will help relieve nervous energy allowing your horse to be more relaxed for photos.

Prior to the session cleaning tack and selecting a halter or bridle of choice is important. I recommend a solid color halter, black or brown leather works well with all horses. If you do not have a leather halter or bridle, I do have a selection of bridles and halters available for the session. After booking you will receive a welcome packet that includes ideas for choosing attire and details on preparing you and your equine for your portrait session.

What will my portrait session look like?


Once a client chooses their ideal session time and length, we discuss the session format. Each session will look different depending on the style and type of shoot.

For example a mini holiday session may involve a horse/wreath only, while high-school senior portrait session may include other pets, sports props etc. Prior to and on the session day, we will review your session vision, special pose requests, location, best lighting areas at the sessions location and any other important details.

We work hard to keep the horses alert and interested with their ears forward for their photos. For black background sessions I recommend a barn isle with limited light on either side and behind the subject or an area with flat light.

Most sessions are scheduled close to the "golden hour" which is typically 1-2 hours after sunrise and 1-2 hours before sunset. Our goal is to understand the clients vision and deliver finished images meeting all desired goals, while providing the client and their equine a relaxed and enjoyable session experience.

What is included in my session?


All sessions included fully edited high digital files. The finished amount of images depends on the type and length of the session booked. Please visit the [Investment] section for more information on available sessions.

What should I wear to my equine shoot?


Choosing your attire for your session is very important. Many clients choose to wear show outfits English or Western style while others prefer a cute casual look or an elegant gown.

Once a session location and time length are determined. I will send out a welcome guide that covers a clothing color guide to blend with your horses color and ideas for choosing attire.

Can I purchase prints on my own?


Fine art prints of your desired size which include canvas, metal and acrylic are available for purchase directly from your online gallery.

We can discusses what size and type of art you are looking for during our initial conversation and after viewing the gallery images.

You are welcome to purchase your prints from other labs. I have a couple alternate labs which I can recommend for independent printing. I always suggest clients avoid economy labs such as local stores, as the color and overall quality will vary tremendously from a quality professional photo lab.